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KDATFFSRunner Introduction

   KDATFFSRunner is a test execution tool for KDATFFS , It import key-wrods in excel or csv file , resolve to Selenium’s methods.  Execute simple,have clear  test result and log.

The Features List 

  •   Run selected tests for your need
  •  Stop running in safe
  •  Supports ie and firefox browser,when in firefox ,can set proxy
  •  Supports speed up or down
  •  Check test execute status and log
  •  Open-source freeware under GPL2, written in C#.NET 3.5
  •   Import excel , csv  files
  •  Supports Data Driver

Main UI


  : Start run test, before run test , you must select tests. When in running , will return each test step’s status in real time.  

  : Stop Running .

 : Refresh tests , will reload tests from test’s file.

 : Select browser Type , Currently including  ie and firefox

 : Set browser’s proxy ,only for  firefox

: Set execute speed.

 : Whether is data driver

Test  Data (Data Driver)

KDATFFSRunner supports  Data Driver , Following example will be illustrate how to create a Data Driver Test.

1)      First , create a excel , to store Test Data ,here we named “Test.xls”,sheet name “Search”. The “Search” sheet have 2 columns : “Name” ,”exceptedValue”.

2)       In Test file , should create an association between Test and Test Data.

Like that ,”Data[Search:Name]” is a special marker, “Data[]” means it’s a Data Driver field, “Search” is Sheet name of test data file ,”Name” is a column name. ,”Data[Search: exceptedValue]”  is the same. In running , KDATFFSRunner will  automated find Data Driver, and execute loop.

As indicated in Fig , In running , automated fill test data and generate test steps.

Test Data Rule

 In KDATFFSRunner, also provide a simple function of generate test data automated.  You can write your test data like “Rule[F(6235)|R(8)]”, it will generate “6235 + 8 bit random number” test data. Now , this function is only simple,only have F(…) ,R(…) , more rules coming soon…

Test Log

Test log is simple , when  error appear ,it will tell us what and where is Error.  Provide  export to text file.

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