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KDATFFSRecorder Introduction

KDATFFSRecorder is a record tool for KDATFFS. It can record user’s opearation into “key-word” test steps in a embedded browser, Also can add vilify points by user.

The Features List

  •  Record test step in embedded browser
  •  Test steps be recorded to key words , not script, so more clear
  •  Supports a majority of methods implemented in Selenium
  •  Supports Add , Delete or Clear steps in recording
  •   Supports Stop , Continue recording
  •  Supports highlight selected element
  •  Supports Add Verify point
  •  Supports Iframe , frame and popup windows
  •  Open-source freeware under GPL2, written in C#.NET 3.5
  •  Import and Export excel , csv  files

Main UI


 UI’s upper part is a embedded browser, you can browse web page like common browser, but in recording , opearation in browser will be recorded into “key - word” test steps, such as Back, Refresh, Click etc..


UI’s Lower Part is the main opearating area.


:Add a new Test , not allowed to repeat.

: Delete a Test

: Delete a Test Step

:Clear all Test Steps in a Test

: Import excel or csv file 

:Export excel or csv file

: Whether begin recording. Before recording, you must select a test.

: Whether begin record comments

:Whether begin find element , add test step and vilify points

Noted : When you type text in inputbox, generate "SendKeys" command in a time interval, So you should be wait for a minute.

Add Test Step and vilify point Context menu.


 When “Find Element” button is checked , move cursor to the element which you want to add test step or vilify point ,click mouse left, Context menu appear. Choose and Click step or vilify point.


Popup Windows

Int the popup window, you can record opearates in recroding like in main window, but only support add vilify point manual.

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