Any work done to this

first post: dwcode wrote: Hello, This looks interesting! Was any further work done on this?...


first post: felix_ada wrote: 如果你下载并使用了KDATFFS,在使用过程中发现问题或对功能有改进的意见,请在这里留下你的建议,我会根据需要更新在下一版本中。

latest post: felix_ada wrote: 自己坐沙发吧 1. 加入对数据库中的数据读取,验证的功能 2. 增加读取页面元素属性值 3. KDATFFSRunner中加入测试计...

Some vision about future features

first post: felix_ada wrote: 1. Introduce the concept of test case , increase the flexibility of...

latest post: felix_ada wrote: 2. create time task function ,

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